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Welcome to the largest, purest Cinema 4D Group on DeviantART, all members are users of the program! There is a LOT of talent in this group, we welcome you to browse the group galleries and give the artists some good ol' fashioned DA love. If you are a Cinema 4D User, we welcome you as a member!

Before attempting to join this group please read these simple rules...

If you own Cinema 4D and have work made with Cinema 4D by you in your gallery here on DA, then you can join.

If you don't - then you can't, plain and simple.

Linking to offsite Galleries with nothing in your DeviantArt Gallery will not qualify you for membership, you must have C4D work in your DA Gallery.

Other than that, you are very welcome to watch the group.

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News at Maxon: Update May 15th, 2015

Hollywood-Favorite Renderer Arnold now Available for Cinema 4D

Solid Angle’s Brute Force renderer is available immediately for Cinema 4D. Arnold, heavily used in high-end film and television production, offers outstanding image quality, impressive speed and ease of use.

Originally developed for and with Sony Pictures Imageworks, Solid Angle’s Monte Carlo-based render engine has become a leading renderer in professional film production and is the standard renderer for over 300 leading studios and production houses worldwide, including ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill and Digic Pictures.

Since the C4DtoA plugin was announced at Siggraph 2014, Solid Angle’s chief designer and CEO Marcos Fajardo and his team have worked with MAXON’s development department – with input from the beta community – to forge a connectivity that supports most areas and functions in Cinema 4D and enriches the Cinema 4D toolset with new features.

Intuitive Settings
Basic render settings can be easily accessed via a convenient control panel and impressive renderings can be created after just a few tweaks.

Team Render Support for Animations and Stills
The Arnold renderer’s seamless connectivity with Cinema 4D’s Team Render means that it can access all available network clients for rendering animations and stills. “C4DtoA is the only render plugin currently available that can be used for distributed rendering of stills,” explains Marcos.

Interactive Preview Render (IPR)
A preview of the final render result can be displayed in an interactive window in the viewport while working. Changes made to the scene will appear in near realtime. Marcos adds: “C4DtoA is the most powerful IPR connection that we currently offer. This plugin supports most Cinema 4D components such as instances, Cloner objects, Deformer objects, Generator objects, MoGraph geometry, hair and much more. Objects can be created, moved and deformed. Lights, materials and volumetric objects can be adjusted interactively.”

Create Materials in Two Ways
Basic materials can be quickly and easily created using the control panel and properties such as color, reflectance, transparency, sub-surface scattering and more can be adjusted using the available sliders. Free third-party shader libraries are available for creating a wide range of additional textures.

Experienced users can use the node-based material system, which can be used to create very elaborate shaders. This material system offers a very high level of flexibility and gives users an excellent overview of the materials they create, which is exactly what professional users need for an efficient workflow.

Stand-Ins: Cross-Platform and Cross-Application Digital Assets
Arnold has its own system for creating digital assets – the Arnold Stand-Ins. These object instances can be easily duplicated, e.g., when adding large numbers of plants or other 3D objects to landscapes, without a noticeable loss in performance. Stand-Ins are particularly useful for studios that also work with other 3D applications supported by Arnold such as Houdini, Maya or Softimage. Stand-Ins can be exchanged across different applications and operating systems, which makes it easy for a multi-disciplinary team to work on large scenes.

Open VDB Support
Since Cinema 4D does not yet support Open VDB, volumetric effects such as clouds can be created in applications like Houdini and imported into Cinema 4D using the C4DtoA plugin for editing and rendering.

Cinema 4D Plugin Support
The native support of popular plugins for creating smoke, fire and particle effects such as Turbulence FD and XParticles underscore Solid Angle’s goal of offering Cinema 4D users the most comprehensive package possible above and beyond just rendering.

AOV for Maximum Compositing Flexibility
Another highlight is Arnold’s AOV (Arbitrary Object Variables) feature. Comparable to Cinema 4D’s multi-passes, AOVs let the user output individual passes like Normals, Position, Depth Information (Z-Pass), Specular and many more, for maximum flexibility in post-production. Using the node-based material system, custom AOVs can be created for improved render workflow and compositing.

The Arnold Render Engine connects to Cinema 4D via the C4DtoA plugin, which is available as a free download at the Solid Angle website. A demo version of the renderer can also be requested. Even though the demo version renders with a watermark it gives interested Cinema 4D users a comprehensive overview of the new workflow and shows the impressive quality and speed that Arnold has to offer.

Oliver Meiseberg, Director Product and Partnership Management at MAXON, states: “With Arnold, Cinema 4D users get an extremely powerful and easy to use renderer. Customer demand has been enormous and I am very excited about Solid Angle’s outstanding development work. Special thanks go to Daniel Hennies who brought this project into being.”

Solid Angle Website

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Cinema 4D Gets Native Support for Allegorithmic’s Substance Technology

Integrated support for Substances in Cinema 4D offers games and 3D content creators all the power of Allegorithmic’s procedural material workflow.

By Steve Jarratt
To celebrate the advent of 2015, the developers of The Shard – the tallest building in Europe – wanted to turn the building's glittering spire into a work of art. To accomplish this they turned to Jason Bruges Studio, an award-wining art collective based in London, renowned for creating distinctive interactive installations.

Allegorithmic - in close cooperation with MAXON - introduces a free plugin that delivers native support for their powerful Substance technology within Cinema 4D. The new workflow was previewed in a tech demo during this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco where it was received with great enthusiasm. Allegorithmicís Substance workflow has been adopted my most AAA Game studios and is also expanding rapidly in the VFX, Design and Broadcast industries.

What are Substances?
A Substance is a file that defines a procedural material through a set of channels. Each channel controls the parameters used to generate the textures describing specific surface attributes, such as diffuse, specular and normals. Using Substances for texturing has unique advantages, as they are:

Dynamic: Substances are parametric and can be tweaked at any time. You have the freedom to customize them at your leisure.
Multi-resolution: The parametric nature of the Substances allows you to change and increase their resolution to make sure it fits your quality needs.
Lightweight: Substances are very light and can typically reduce your texture package size by 90%, thus making it easier to deliver your content.

What is Substance Designer?
Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information like normal, displacement, etc. It contains a wide library of tools, materials and procedural effects to help you achieve your goals in a fully non-destructive workflow.

Substances are well-integrated into Cinema 4D. The Substance dynamic parameters are exposed in the Cinema 4D user interface. Tweak the parameters and the changes will be updated immediately in your viewport.

Where to get the Plug-In?
The Substance plugin is immediately available as a free download.

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NAB 2015 - All Presentations Available For Free at Cineversity

For everyone who was not able to experience the presentations live or via live stream at this year's NAB, these can now be viewed in full length at

In the next three weeks, all presentations will be made available, arranged according to topics for free viewing. The first presentations will be those from Steven Messing, Craig Whitaker, Michael Rosen and Alan Demafilies - artists who made captivating presentations all about projection mapping. These artists use projects such as Boardwalk Empire, Star Trek and Microsoft's Modern Workspace to show how to use Cinema 4D in everyday production workflows and give users great insights into their own workflows.

More high-caliber presentations will follow in the coming weeks covering scripting, medical illustration, simulation, motion graphics, lighting and rendering!

Visit cineversity to check out all presentations as soon as they're available.

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Just Add Water - And Win!

Next Limit and MAXON present the great RealFlow Fluid Dimension Challenge

RealFlow is justifiably one of the leading fluid simulation packages for 3D professionals and has long been the tool of choice for many Cinema 4D users. To celebrate MAXON's partnership with Next Limit Technologies, we want to invite our users to take part in the RealFlow Fluid Dimension Challenge and let their imagination go wild. Entries can be submitted through December 3, 2014 and winners will receive prizes valued at over $5000! All infos about the RealFlow Fluid Dimension Challenge are available here.

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Hiya, can anyone enlighten me as to why imported files from illustrator are shown as disconnected splines? For example, a square drawn in illustrator will appear in C4D R16 as having no right hand side. I'm trying to use a packaging cutter with the new Fold My Design feature but each individual shape requires the 'close spline' optioned ticked under the object tab, and even then it does not work with the FMD feature.
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We wanted to let you know that Berd, our artist of the month, has kindly donated a free Cinema 4D asset, which you can access from our blog:…

This blog post also contains an update on Berd's latest project, a Twitter music machine for Rayban.

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