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News at Maxon: Update August 24th, 2014

Bear Prints

For their latest in-house project, creative agency DBLG turned to 3D printing as way of making their ideas solid

Every now and then, London creative agency DBLG gives it artists free reign to explore new ideas and techniques: "It's a platform to experiment and above all have fun," says the company's founding director, Grant Gilbert.

Fascinated by the concept of 3D printing, the studio embarked on a project to explore the use of a stop-frame animation by physically producing every model in the sequence. "As a rule, everything we do is made and stays in a computer," explains Gilbert. "We were looking for a new studio project and liked the idea of making something physical out of the computer. We've always like the rawness of [Hungarian-born animator] George Pal and wanted to recreate it using modern techniques."

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Buy CINEMA 4D R15 now and Invest in the Future!

From August 1 through August 31, 2014, new and existing MAXON customers can take advantage of great savings and make a secure investment for the future during MAXON's August special.

You will receive the MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) at no additional cost for 12 months when you purchase a full version of CINEMA 4D R15. MAXON will automatically reduce the software price accordingly!

Even owners of older software versions can save up to 25% off the regular upgrade price when they upgrade their existing CINEMA 4D or BodyPaint 3D versions to the current version along with an MSA.

Customers who take advantage of this special offer will receive free updates, upgrades and other benefits that are included in the MAXON Service Agreement – which means you will automatically receive the R16 update on September 2, 2014!

During the August Special, the CINEMA 4D full version can be ordered from MAXON directly, at its web shop or from your local reseller. Upgrades are not available via the MAXON web shop but MAXON or your authorized reseller will be happy to process your order directly.

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MAXON Unveils Robust Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16)

Legacy of 3D Software Innovation Delivers Modeling, Animation and Rendering Enhancements for ‘Real-World’ Workflow

FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany – August 5, 2014 – MAXON unveiled Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16), the next generation release of the company’s industry-leading 3D software. In addition to countless workflow enhancements, Cinema 4D R16 delivers powerful new features including a modeling PolyPen ‘super-tool’, a Motion Tracker for easily integrating 3D content within live footage and a Reflectance material channel for multi-layered reflections and specularity. Release 16 reinforces MAXON’s commitment to provide creative professionals with stability, performance, unmatched integration, and a straightforward interface to optimize any workflow.

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Cineversity (Official Maxon Training)

GrayScaleGorilla (GSG): Great tuts and add-ons.

Cinema4dtutorialNET - Facebook Page… - Spanish Speaking Cinema 4D Tutorials -…

Digital Tutors…

German Auto Modeling Tutorial…

Pariah Studios Tutorials:…

Ace5 Education:

cmiVFX for C4D…

Rob Redman Tutorials

MoGraph (WonderHowTo)…

Base80 Tutorials

CG Tutorials/C4D…

eHow Tutorials…


C4D ZBrush Workflow…

C4D Cafe…

Gnomonology BodyPaint
(some car tutorials)…

Car/Blueprint Tutorial…



A Collection of Plugins
www.xsyann (pay attention to the version number)

Membership Rules

Welcome to


A 100% Cinema 4D Users Group

Welcome to the largest, purest Cinema 4D Group on DeviantART, all members are users of the program! There is a LOT of talent in this group, we welcome you to browse the group galleries and give the artists some good ol' fashioned DA love. If you are a Cinema 4D User, we welcome you as a member!

Before attempting to join this group please read these simple rules...

If you own Cinema 4D and have work made with Cinema 4D by you in your gallery here on DA, then you can join.

If you don't - then you can't, plain and simple.

Linking to offsite Galleries with nothing in your DeviantArt Gallery will not qualify you for membership, you must have C4D work in your DA Gallery.

Other than that, you are very welcome to watch the group.


I am seeing an increasing amount of what people are calling "C4D Covers" here on DeviantART, and several of the creators of these images have requested to join the group. The thing is, I truly believe that most (but perhaps not all) of these "C4D Covers" are the result of 1) misunderstandings due to several tutorials that came out two to three years ago on YouTube and several other tutorial sites about making Facebook and other Social Media site "Cover Images" and 2) people that think simply using stock images of Cinema 4D Abstracts in a photomanipulation makes that work a "C4D work".

Yet if you look at a Google Search for "C4D Cover" you will find literally thousands of these "C4D Covers", and if you follow the links, you will see that most people say these were made with Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, or Gimp.  The program Cinema 4D is never mentioned!  In some cases they do use other peoples Cinema 4D Abstract images in their work, but never even touch the Cinema 4D program themselves! I think that somewhere the name kind of "stuck" with these cool looking 3D Text Effect cover images being made with C4D to anything that remotely looked like that.... kind of how the name "Xerox" stuck whenever anyone needed a copy made...

For instance, in this following video, you will see this guy make a Timeline Cover in a tutorial he entitles "Tutorial how to edit C4D in Timeline Cover", and he shows the whole process he uses to make the image, including selecting what look like actual C4D Abstract 3D images, some of them from right here on DA! In fact he has, in the folder he selects the C4D abstract from, several images from Volture that I looked up, and they are not even listed as stock images! He's using other peoples work! It's hard to read some of the names in that folder as the video quality is quite poor. Yet during the entire process he never even once touches the Cinema 4D program!!! The stock he uses is from DA, and is from an artist that goes by videa.

This is the final image he creates and calls a "C4D Timeline" (notice he never credits the DeviantART Artist that comprises part of his image)!  He states in the description that only Photoshop was used to create the image!

Implistics [Tutorial] by kyonjptolentino

Below is the DD Winning image that he uses as a stock image to make this "C4D Timeline" that isn't even a C4D abstract, it was made in 3ds Max! :rofl: And the image isn't even a stock image!  He stole the image and used it to make another image!


Again, another one in the following video... once again the guy never touches Cinema 4D, he only puts an image together using stock images and stock Cinema 4D abstracts...  

Please.  People looking to join this group, if you make these so called "C4D Covers" yet you do not even own Cinema 4D, please don't attempt to join.  Using Cinema 4D Abstract stock images that you have not even made yourself in what is really a "photomanipulation" does not by any means make that work Cinema 4D work. This is a group for owners and users of Cinema 4D or students learning the program under a students license.

If you do not own the Cinema 4D program, then you cannot join this group.

And! If you are the kind of artist who uses others images without asking permission, and treats everything you find on DA or Google as a "stock image", then "Lo and Behold!" Us REAL C4D Artists either know the artist you stole from, or we know someone who knows that person - it's a fairly tight-knit community. You will be reported. You will be caught eventually...
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Hello all!

We've just published the 4th of a series of interviews with talented C4Dartists. This time we are profiling Chaotic Atmospheres:…


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Your Renderfeed team

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Hello everyone!

We wanted to let you know that Berd, our artist of the month, has kindly donated a free Cinema 4D asset, which you can access from our blog:…

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Nuclear-Pixel Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
merci de m'avoir accepté !! :) (Smile)
j’espère pouvoir partagé de nouvelle et meilleur création ici.

thanks for accepting me :) (Smile)
I hope share new and better creation.
renderfeed Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional


Our artist of the month Luca Viola was kind enough to pass along some of his C4D models that he used to make his beautiful Pac Man frames! You can download them here:…


Thanks to Luca for participating in our artist interview initiative!

The Renderfeed Team

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SpontaniousCombust Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
I have the student version on Cinema 4D and my previous computer broke so I got a new one. I need a new activation code for this computer, where do I get one?
2753Productions Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You will have to contact Maxon concerning this.  There are Student to Full license upgrades available in their marketplace.  Once you have this done, and have C4D works uploaded to your gallery please re-apply for membership then.
nightfever77 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
from Maxon
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