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A 100% Cinema 4D Users Group

Welcome to the largest, purest Cinema 4D Group on DeviantART, all members are users of the program! There is a LOT of talent in this group, we welcome you to browse the group galleries and give the artists some good ol' fashioned DA love. If you are a Cinema 4D User, we welcome you as a member!

Before attempting to join this group please read these simple rules...

If you own Cinema 4D and have work made with Cinema 4D by you in your gallery here on DA, then you can join.

If you don't - then you can't, plain and simple.

Linking to offsite Galleries with nothing in your DeviantArt Gallery will not qualify you for membership, you must have C4D work in your DA Gallery.

Other than that, you are very welcome to watch the group.

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Hexapod Rig Test by Hausmann
archvizstart_20 by 1Kar
Thunderbolt Ranch by Lacza
Hard Surface Models, Weapons, Equipment, etc
Mini Bus by sacso
Missile Guided  Scope by ZDESIGN23
Rustic Brass Owl Cinema 4d V-Ray Substance Painter by botshow
Plasma Gun by The-Ronyn
Sci Fi and Fantasy
Racer by MrRonsfield
Invasion by shahanb
The slightly different puppy by NIKOMEDIA
Demon Draco by sergiosoares
Architectural Renders
Winter Cabin (4K) by SalvaGraphics
Coffee Shop (work in progress) by SalvaGraphics
Autumn - Lighting Practice (4K) by SalvaGraphics
Bedroom by Euadicavlad
Resources, Materials and Tutorials
Syringe - Part 1 - Modeling (Cinema 4D Tutorial) by NIKOMEDIA
Blanket Over Object (Cinema 4D Tutorial) by NIKOMEDIA
Tread 01 by Carel5103
Rusty Sphere (Cinema 4D Tutorial) by NIKOMEDIA
General Renders, Abstracts and Text Art
Studies #14 by Kawana-n
Studies #11 by Kawana-n
Studies #12 by Kawana-n
170215fin by sammalProd
Happy Channel Rebranding OSP 2016 by Andrei-Petrache
Dolby Atmos - Logo Unfold by Hausmann
Hexapod Rig Test by Hausmann
Antique Cowboy Balance Toy GIF Cinema 4d Vray by botshow
Gaulama by kuzy62
American Football by maryanion
Inner Glow by kuzy62
Punoapi by kuzy62
3D Landscapes
001d by kokolores123
Topographic mountain 2 by sacso
Low Poly Ocean-1 by sacso
Mountan LowPoly by sacso
Antique Academy Award Oscar Cinema 4d Vray Painter by botshow
Zana motion by philphilos
T-Rex'n Rex by sergiosoares
Helmet - Casco by The-Ronyn
Character Development
Dani Merged Portfolio by philphilos

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News at Maxon: Update January 29th, 2016

The Body as an Abstract Animation

As part of a school project, students learned how to use Cinema 4D while creating a metaphoric fantasy voyage through the human body.

Mohole is a renowned media school in Milan, Italy, that teaches artistic forms of expression. Students learn all aspects of creation from film to photography, graphic design, comic illustration and 3D animation. Among the programs used to teach animation is Cinema 4D. The primary focus lies on architectural visualization, motion graphics and 3D character design. The Forbhidden project was created for the Milan Design Week, at which Mohole wanted to present its student works.

Students at Their Prime
The basic idea was to use visual metaphors to showcase the wonders of the human body. A team of four students was responsible for all phases of production, which lasted four weeks and was realized with Cinema 4D – modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering. The students were part of a two-year 3D masters program, of which they had already completed the first semester. The skills they had attained in the course of their studies gave them the ability to handle all project requirements with ease but also master complex challenges that the project posed. One of the many challenges was optimizing the scenes and materials in order to shorten render times.

Seamless Workflow
With Cinema 4D it was easy for the team to separate the scene into layers using complex multi-pass renderings. The passes contained different channels, e.g., alpha and depth of field, which made it possible to add more effects in the compositing phase, which themselves took less time to render. This made it possible to add depth of field effects to backgrounds in After Effects. Cineware was used to fine-tune the scene in After Effects. Finally, Adobe Premier was used for color correction, cutting and adding audio tracks.

Student tutor Enrica Paliterini characterized the work with Cinema 4D as follows: “Cinema 4D is so easy to understand and learn that you can quickly realize a project and experiment with various approaches to solutions and workflows without spreading yourself too thin. The seamless integration with After Effects lets students concentrate fully on their creative work without having to deal with bothersome technical issues!”

Continue Reading...

New on Cineversity: CV Splines to Objects

Donovan Keith’s new set of plugins speeds up the process of converting splines into polygonal objects in Cinema 4D.

Cineversity just released a set of plugins for Cinema 4D that will facilitate and speed up working with splines significantly: With CV-Splines to Objects, users will be able to extrude multiple splines, sweep them, lathe objects in context, loft splines, and finally render them with powerful single-click commands.

You will find an introduction to the various options of CV-Splines to Objects here: CV-Splines to Objects
CV-Splines to Objects is exclusively available to Cineversity premium members – which includes all Cinema 4D users with an MSA – through the CV-Toolbox.

If you are a Cinema 4D user with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and you are not yet a Cineversity Premium member -- upgrade now! It’s free for all users with an MSA. Contact your local MAXON distributor and ask for your premium access coupon.

Continue Reading...

Bringing the Martian to Life

Discover how Territory Studio used Cinema 4D to create convincing on-set technology for Ridley Scott's Golden Globe awarded sci-fi thriller.

By Duncan Evans

Creating on-screen graphics for actors to interact with and relate to is a specialty of London-based Territory Studio. However, when those screens have to be scientifically accurate or coherent in terms of existing NASA technology and practices, it becomes a whole different ballgame. That was the challenge facing David Sheldon-Hicks, founder and creative director of Territory Studio. Fortunately, having already worked on massive sci-fi projects like Jupiter Ascending and with Ridley Scott on Prometheus, David had a good idea of what was going to be required and how Cinema 4D could help make it happen.

In the seven months it took to create The Martian, five artists at Territory created around 400 screens across eight different sets, and Mission Control alone featured almost 100 screens. The displays and animations were all for live playback on with which the actors to engaged. Most of them were interactive as well.

The film was based on Andy Weir's best-selling novel about stranded astronaut Mark Watney. It's set 20 years in the future and tells the story of NASA's third manned mission to Mars. The key concept was that the plot, and thus the on-set screen displays, was fixed in real science rather than fanciful popcorn sci-fi. This meant that Territory had to research the science being used before getting started with any of the designs.

David explains what was involved: "It was an incredible amount of research, from poring over reference photos of Mission Control and JPL at NASA provided by Dave Lavery, Program Executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA, to vehicle schematics, and the Pathfinder transmission specs. Plus, how NASA received and decoded messages. And, knowing that NASA is always one step ahead of current technology, we had to imagine ways to represent things, thinking about technologies they are testing now or have not even started developing. We also needed to understand what the on-screen data feeds meant and why they were necessary and when they came into play. Sometimes it felt like a crash course in rocket science and space exploration – it was definitely interesting but it also made the work more challenging to try and get our heads around."

Continue Reading...
For anyone who had submitted entries for the gallery and it has expired. I've been out and about for the holidays, traveling and whatnot. If your submission expired and you still want to submit it please do so.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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